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CIRLAM Laboratory is specialized in improving existing and development of new cleaning and disinfection products.

Before a new developed product can be made available, it must go through several administrative procedures, including obtaining regulatory. Here for a registration file must be submitted to the (inter)national government(s).
Registration files are prepared by the Regulatory Affairs of CIRLAM Laboratory. They will also act as contact person for the (inter)national government(s). Because Cirlam have years of experience with the registration of biocides and new developed products, we can also offer this service.

Quality guarantee

To ensure the quality of our services, we only use products from the best quality. Also, all our services are offered at competitive prices. 

For the laboratories where the chemical and microbiological tests are performed, internal quality checks or audits are done. 

The chemical laboratory of CIRLAM Laboratory is mainly for the development of new analytical methods and products. Each time a new analysis is developed, it is validated. 

The microbiology laboratory has three main activities: 


1. Microbiology tests

The microbiological tests to determine the activity of bacteria, fungi and yeasts are carried out according to European standards. These are international procedures that define the test conditions such as time, temperature, test organism and interfering substances. 

In any European standard is described how the test should be performed, but also the validation is described. 


2. Routine analysis of samples

The second main activity of CIRLAM Laboratory is the routine analysis of samples. In the food industry there are many controls needed on hygiene. Hygiene control is usually performed with special techniques (contact plates, swabs and water) to obtain samples. 

CIRLAM Laboratory has the knowledge to examine following parameters in the microbiological laboratory: 
• Total count; 
• Total count bacteria;
• Determination of yeasts and molds; 
• Detection of Salmonellas
• Enterococci count,
• Etc… 


3. Development of new products

The last main activity is the development of new products in a continuously interaction with the chemical laboratory. 

Please contact us for more information. 


Good Laboratory Practice

All of our analyzes and developments occur according to certain standards and safety for staff, consumers and the environment. 

For both, chemical and microbiological laboratory, CIRLAM Laboratory is using the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) - system. GLP is a type of administration with a set of regulations (originally from OECD) that must be followed exactly. 
It is a quality (management control) system which deals the organizational processes and conditions under which non-clinical health and environmental safety studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, reported and archived. 

The GLP – system aims too: 
• The production of quality research to promote; 
• Avoid duplication; 
• The protection of human health and environmental improvement; 
• (international) to ensure mutual acceptance of research; 
• Avoid technical trade barriers.


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